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Our Mission

Motley Zoo Animal Rescue was founded in Redmond, WA in February, 2009 by five ­­­individuals with a single common bond - a love of animals. We had a desire to help those animals that found themselves lost, abandoned, neglected or mistreated and through no fault of their own were without a family and a loving home.

Motley Zoo Animal Rescue was founded with the premise and intent of assisting animals in need of re-homing assistance. We found that the other breed specific rescues at the time were selective about the animals they would/could help and many in need did not receive needed assistance. Instead, they languished in shelters; possibly meeting an untimely and unjust demise there.

We were especially concerned about those discarded by their owners and placed in shelters due to age, health, behavioral or other problems that made them less likely to be adopted through an all breed shelter environment.

We are committed to all animals great and small, believing that each deserves a chance at life and is more valuable than the number at the bottom of a veterinary bill!


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